As we become ever more reliant on IT systems, the Internet and online services, the value of people and employees is often overlooked. In many ways, your employees are the first line of protection, the ones able to head off a potential attack before it is even started.

Enhance productivity

When looking at IT support services many people focus on security while often ignoring enhanced productivity and efficiency savings. It is therefore important to incorporate the appropriate on-site training with new/enhanced IT systems. We are able to advise and guide you, looking to maximise your returns while minimising disruption.

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Job satisfaction

Slow response times, outdated software and unreliable functionality are just some of the issues associated with out-of-date IT services. This can be frustrating for employees, damaging for clients and give the wrong impression about your business. Incorporating the latest IT systems will improve employee job satisfaction which then flows into enhanced productivity.

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Employee retention

While increasing productivity will directly impact on your bottom line, there are also other benefits to enhancing and updating IT solutions. Equipped with the latest tools of the trade, able to provide a premium service to your customers, this will certainly have an impact on employee retention. Considering the direct and indirect investment in individual employees, it makes sense to maximise the fruits of your investment going forward.

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I would recommend them without hesitation

We have used Cache4 for several years now to look after our IT needs. They are excellent at both giving advice concerning software and providing hardware when ours has had to be replaced. The recent situation concerning the Corona Virus has raised some new issues for us, as we had to set up members of staff to be able to work from home. Cache4 have taken this in their stride and helped us overcome the various challenges that we faced. I would recommend them without hesitation as a company who are a pleasure to deal with and whose charges are reasonable.

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