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Grow and develop your business by harnessing the power of technology with our 4D approach.

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Get proactive IT Support

Improve the speed, proactivity and reliability from your IT partner.

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Be cyber secure & compliant

Protect data from cyber threats & meet regulatory compliance obligations.

Remote Working Technology Provider in Carlise, Cumbria

Enable remote working

Empower your team with the right tools to support wherever they need to work.

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Modernise communications

Cut costs and drive efficiency by modernising your internet connectivity & telephony.

Focused on your business.
Working for your goals.

Helping your business to reach new heights by tackling operational, commercial and compliance challenges head-on.


How can you provide a better service to your customers?


How can you be more productive?


How can you increase revenue and profit?

Technology is the driver to get you on-track to hit these goals.

4D | Our 4 Dimensional Approach

As a family business with strong roots in Carlisle, we really care about the local small business community. We are incredibly passionate about combining our technical expertise with practical business know-how (and a touch of common sense!), to deliver the very best for your business from technology.

To comprehensively tackle your operational, commercial and compliance challenges, in order to drive your customer service, efficiency and profit; we have designed our service proposition to address, support and enhance the 4 dimensions critical in business. Our approach centres on best applying a digitised workflow, personalised to you, by harnessing the most of technology.

If you are a business in Carlisle or Cumbria - you can too demand more from your IT Support. Our 4D approach will progress your business by harnessing technology, in the right way for you and your team.


Perform optimally by keeping you ahead of your customer’s expectations and your competition, with the support and implementation of the right technology tools.


Mitigate the threat and risks of interruption to your business operations, with comprehensive procedural and technical controls that help maintain business continuity in all scenarios.


Keep your teams productive and effective to achieve more, while improving their wellbeing and job satisfaction with jargon-free support and tailored education.


Maintain fast and effective communication internally and externally of your business, with reliable and affordable digital communication and internet connectivity services.

Jargon-Free IT

At Cache4 IT, we pride ourselves on speaking the same language as our clients. We might all be techies, but we understand the commercial world and how best to apply technology to your business operational requirements and challenges.

If you are looking for a trusted partner, look no further. Cache4 IT supports businesses just like yours across Carlisle, Cumbria and the borders; acting in your best interests providing the right cost-effective technical solutions to a host of different business challenges that you may face.

IT Sales and Repairs in Carlisle - Cache4 IT Solutions

Identifying and overcoming challenges on the path to success.


Where is there any friction or complexity in your working processes?


Where is there unnecessary cost or inadvertent loss within the business?


Where is there existing or potential for reputational and morale damage?

Client Testimonials

from an Email Hijack

Your business is constantly under attack – it’s YOUR responsibility to protect it and your clients from cyber crime

Discover how easy it is for hackers to break into your email to plunder your bank account. And what you can do to stop this from happening to you.

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Request your free paperback copy of “The Email Hack” and discover:

  • The most common type of cyber attacks that your business needs to be protected from
  • How much damage a small attack could have on your business
  • What you can do to prevent a successful attack on your business

Why are we giving you this expert advice for free?

Giving you free expert advice is the best way for you to get to know us and what we can do to help protect your business.

Maybe we’ll go on to do some work together in the future. Or maybe you’ll just develop a better understanding of cyber security. Either way, there’s no obligation to buy anything from us, ever.

The email hack book

Getting the most from your IT

IT is likely an integral part of your business operations, and is rapidly becoming ever more so. In the digital age we all need to maximise on the operational efficiencies, cost savings and growth opportunities presented by our technology tools.

At Cache4 IT, we can help you drive your business forward by integrating the right tools and processes to meet your specific needs, while educating your team to get the most out of the IT they use. We will also work closely with you by road mapping the plans and changes in your business with developments in technology; keeping you and your team ahead.

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IT Help and Support in Carlisle - Cache4 IT Solutions

Sounds like just what you need?

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