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I would recommend them without hesitation

We have used Cache4 for several years now to look after our IT needs. They are excellent at both giving advice concerning software and providing hardware when ours has had to be replaced.

The recent situation concerning the Corona Virus has raised some new issues for us, as we had to set up members of staff to be able to work from home. Cache4 have taken this in their stride and helped us overcome the various challenges that we faced.

I would recommend them without hesitation as a company who are a pleasure to deal with and whose charges are reasonable.

Malcolm Roberts, LPA NOW

Keeping IT Simple and Affordable
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Your Trusted Partner for Cybersecurity and IT Support

Running a new start-up, small business, or a non-profit?

Let's get real for a sec—ever been stuck in email hell, or played 'Where's That PDF File or Spreadsheet?' on your computer? Oh, and don’t get us started on the snail-paced computers and the 'Do I even have enough cybersecurity?' thoughts that keep you up at night.

We totally get it. We're business owners too. We know the rollercoaster of running a business or leading a non-profit—especially when tech issues throw you for a loop.

Imagine not stressing about tech stuff and focusing only on rocking your business or cause.
  1. Cybersecurity

    From awareness training to endpoint protection, we offer comprehensive cybersecurity services designed for small businesses and non-profits

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  2. IT Support Helpdesk

    Perform optimally by keeping you ahead of your customer’s expectations and your competition, with fully managed IT support and the implementation of the right technology tools.

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  3. Business Strategy

    Maintain fast and effective communication internally and externally for your business, with reliable and affordable hosted VoIP business phone systems and internet connectivity services.

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  4. VoIP Phone Systems

    Maintain fast and effective communication internally and externally for your business, with reliable and affordable hosted VoIP business phone systems and internet connectivity services.

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  5. Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 Business offers a helping hand to small groups in Carlisle, making it a breeze to work together. With tools like Teams for chatting and working together, and Outlook for sorting emails, it simplifies the day-to-day chores, setting the stage for teamwork and success.

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  6. Hardware Sales

    IT hardware sales provide the sturdy tools your team needs to excel. Through computer hardware sales, you get the right gear, like computers, laptops and network gadgets, making sure your team has what it needs to perform at its best, every day.

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How Secure is Your Email?

Discover how easy it is for hackers to break into your email to plunder your bank account. And what you can do to stop this from happening to you. Get your copy now!

Giving you free expert advice is the best way for you to get to know us and what we can do to help protect your business.

Maybe we’ll go on to do some work together in the future. Or maybe you’ll just develop a better understanding of cyber security. Either way, there’s no obligation to buy anything from us, ever.

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Focused on your business.
Working for your goals.

Helping your business to reach new heights by tackling operational, commercial and compliance challenges head-on.

Technology is the driver to get you on-track to hit these goals.

Tech Solutions
    • How can you provide a better service to your customers?

      Investing in new technology could revolutionise your business but this needs to be done in a controlled and secure environment. Our managed IT services for small businesses allow you to develop, optimise and protect your network with our support and guidance. Looking forward, it is important to keep one eye on the future and ongoing improvements in technology.

    • How can you be more productive?

      Our fully managed IT support service not only ensures your existing and future IT solutions are optimised for your business, but we take a proactive approach to staff training. Designing, installing and managing any business IT solution is obviously crucial but it is also important to maximise output and efficiency with ongoing staff training.

    • How can you increase revenue and profit?

      Business IT solutions sculptured around your individual company needs will generate both time and cost efficiencies. A fully managed IT support service will also enhance your service to customers, allowing you to focus more time on building your business. Customers now expect a degree of digital integration with most services, which in itself will improve client engagement and retention.

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Your Tech Journey, Our Roadmap:
Cache4 IT Solutions in Cumbria

You see, at Cache4 IT Solutions, we're not just tech wizards; we're business folks too.

We totally get the ups and downs of running a business or a non-profit in Carlisle and across Cumbria. We speak your language, not just tech jargon. And hey, we're all about giving you IT support that makes sense for your day-to-day grind and the long-haul challenges. Looking for a trusted sidekick in this tech journey? You've found us. We're all about crafting cost-effective technical solutions to the real-world challenges you face.

So, what do you say—ready to make IT headaches a thing of the past?

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Bridging Gaps

Identifying and overcoming challenges on the path to success.


Where is there any friction or complexity in your working processes?


Where is there unnecessary cost or inadvertent loss within the business?


Where is there existing or potential for reputational and morale damage?

Getting the most from your IT

IT is likely an integral part of your business operations, and is rapidly becoming ever more so. In the digital age we all need to maximise operational efficiencies, cost savings and growth opportunities presented by new technology tools. However, this must be done in a controlled and secure environment, backed up by a fully managed IT support service.

At Cache4 IT, we provide managed IT services for small businesses, helping you drive forward by integrating the right tools and processes to meet your specific needs. Our package also involves the proactive education of your team to get the most out of the IT they use. We work closely with business owners, road mapping plans and potential changes in your business with developments in technology; keeping you and your team ahead of the competition.

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We’re all about IT and keeping IT simple and affordable for everyone.