Computer Networks for Carlisle: Corporate Network Solutions from Cache4 IT

Corporate Network Solutions from Cache4 IT

Cache4 IT has the solution for your computer network installation requirements as part of a broad range of Corporate Network Solutions. For many years we have provided design and computer network installation services for clients across Carlisle, North Cumbria and the Borders. This is an area in which we excel and is part of our role as a prominent regional IT solutions provider.

Our experience in computer network installation takes in a wide range of different structures/scales such as:-

A network for an organisation spread over a large geographical area

The Cache4 IT solutions team is equally happy setting up a resilient, secure virtual private network which connects computers and peripherals in a small office where privacy and data security are the prime concerns

Our IT maintenance and support services agreements are built to your needs, but will also adjust and flex to the growing and evolving demands of your business.

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I would recommend them without hesitation

We have used Cache4 for several years now to look after our IT needs. They are excellent at both giving advice concerning software and providing hardware when ours has had to be replaced. The recent situation concerning the Corona Virus has raised some new issues for us, as we had to set up members of staff to be able to work from home. Cache4 have taken this in their stride and helped us overcome the various challenges that we faced. I would recommend them without hesitation as a company who are a pleasure to deal with and whose charges are reasonable.

Malcolm Roberts, LPA NOW

Cache4 IT: Computer network installation experts

At Cache4 IT, would like to sit down with potential clients, discussing their operations and requirements in great detail. This allows us to futureproof you as far as possible too, asking questions and anticipating what you might need going forward. When we've got a clear picture of your current needs and potential requirements, we will sit down and discuss various corporate network solutions which work best for you.

Your solution may include a mix of personal computers or laptops. These will be connected by networks which include print and storage devices linked by high speed connections on data cable, existing telephone lines or optical fibre. When computer network installation we provide a number of options:-

Local Area Networks: LANs connect devices within a small area - usually cabled.

Wireless networks, using the WiFi in your building to connect different computers and peripherals.

Cloud solutions, where you’re connected to data storage computers and Office 365 and One Drive systems rather than holding everything on your machines.

Storage area networks where you have a server in your business network. This gives you data storage, retrieval and replication as well as multiple disk arrays and interconnected technology.

Alternatively, we can support you in decommissioning a server-based network and migrating to a cloud-based solution.

We like to keep things simple, even when your system is complex, supporting you in increasing processing power, data storage or both. Our personal hands-on approach to computer network installation helps to avoid any misunderstandings, unexpected issues, thereby maximising value for money and efficiency gains.

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Computer Network Installation Services from Cache4 IT

We’re all about keeping IT simple and affordable for everyone. That’s as true for corporate network solutions as it is for anything else in IT. If you’re considering a new computer network solution or you need to upgrade an existing network, please get in touch and see how we can help.

Why not call into our shop in Kingstown, Carlisle, give us a call on 01228 812614 or drop us an email.

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Why not call into our office in Lowry Hill, Carlisle, give us a call on 01228 812614 or drop us an email?

We’re all about IT and keeping IT simple and affordable for everyone.