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Business IT Equipment Sales

Finding the right technology solutions for your business can be like crossing a minefield. With a myriad of hardware and software options, performance considerations and compatibility challenges it can be confusing knowing where to start.

This is where Cache4 IT can help

Cache4 IT will help you identify the best possible business solution for your needs, within your budget. Our experts take care of all the technical aspects – mapping your business requirements to the most appropriate technology that meets the way you work.

 Our buying power, associations and industry connections permit us access to competitive rates for hardware, software, IT equipment and managed services.

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We use Cache4 IT for a number of things: laptop replacements, laptop hire and day-to-day advice. Staff are always helpful, and I would recommend these guys to anyone.

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Helping you make the right purchase

First, Cache4 IT likes to understand your exact requirements:

How do you use your computer and where is it used?

Do you want to be as portable as possible or is the emphasis much more on reliability and security?

Are you looking for business use as part of a network or completely stand alone?

How is your use changing for things like gaming, graphics and communications?

Do you have a preference for any particular operating system?

And what sort of software will you be running regularly?

Once we’ve got you thinking, it’s easier to make the right decisions. That might be purchase, it might be leasing new or hiring refurbished.

Cache4 IT Solutions can suggest options depending on your budget and explain the pros and cons of the solutions available.

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Laptop and Desktop Computers for sale for less

Because we don’t hold a lot of stock, we won’t be trying to shift a particular machine. Instead, we can recommend the best computer for you and then have it available within just a couple of working days.

The solution could be the latest Apple or a PC, a desktop or a laptop, a brand new machine or an affordable refurbished option – whatever works best for your budget. Our computer repairs are renowned for bringing apparently dead computers back to useful life so it’s worth considering. At Cache4 IT Solutions, we’re all about keeping IT simple and affordable for everyone.

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Let us help with your computer needs

If you‘re considering your hardware options, talk to Cache4 IT first - local advice, help on call and an understanding of what you’re trying to do, now and in future. Call in, give us a call on 01228 812614 or drop us an email.