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Microsoft Forms: One of the Handiest Freebies in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 remains one of the most renowned cloud platforms worldwide, with approximately 345 million paid users. The number of Microsoft cloud tool users has seen a 32% increase in Q3 2022 compared to the previous year.

Given the extensive app collection, it’s not unusual for some to remain underutilised. Many organisations may be unaware of the plethora of beneficial tools at their disposal. One of the most useful apps included with a Microsoft 365 subscription is Microsoft Forms.

Microsoft Forms simplifies tasks such as sending end-of-year customer surveys and assessing change readiness. This online survey and form-building tool has much to offer businesses. If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, Forms is already included at no additional cost.

From sending year-end customer surveys to assessing change readiness, Forms makes it easy. This online survey and form-building tool has a lot to offer organizations. And if you have a subscription to Microsoft 365, then you already get Forms included for free.

What Is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is an intuitive drag-and-drop form, quiz, and survey creator. It’s easy to use and allows you to distribute surveys via a link. Recipients can complete your form online from any device.

As soon as the survey is completed, the results are immediately visible within the software. You can view the aggregated results in chart form or export them to Excel.

How to Get Started in Forms:

  1. Visit and log into your Microsoft account.
  2. Choose “New Form” or “New Quiz” from the top menu.
How to Get Started in Forms
  1. OR you can choose to explore the built-in templates.
explore the built-in templates
explore the built-in templates with example graphics
  1. Click “Add New” to add a new form field. You can choose from field types:
    • Choice (i.e., multiple-choice question)
    • Text
    • Rating
    • Date
    • Ranking
    • Likert (a scale that records attitudes/opinions about a topic)
    • Net Promoter Score® (a scale from “not likely” to “extremely likely”)
    • Section (separator that can include a title and image)
  2. Enter your questions.
  3. Once finished, click “Send” at the top. You can distribute the survey using the following options:
    • Link to a web form
    • Email
    • QR code
    • Embed in a web page
    • Via Facebook or Twitter
  4. View responses on the “Responses” tab
What Is Microsoft Forms? - Responses tab

Advantages of Using Microsoft Forms

It’s Included in Microsoft 365 Subscriptions

If you already have a Microsoft 365 subscription, it’s logical to utilise Forms. It can save you money if you’re using a separate survey tool like Survey Monkey, and it’s easily accessible by signing in with your Microsoft account.

Time Saving

Sending surveys via email can be time-consuming, with concerns about bounced emails due to attachments. Collating results is also laborious. Microsoft Forms saves time by enabling users to complete the form online without downloading anything or opening email attachments. Results are received instantly, and Forms collates all responses for you.

Automatic charted results

Survey results are easily displayed in meaningful graphs, and Forms allows for simple export to Excel if required for use in another platform. You can hover over the result graphs in the “Responses” tab to see additional details.

Advantages of Using Microsoft Forms - Automatic charted results
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Microsoft Forms boasts an intuitive, simple interface, enabling users to quickly become proficient in its use.

What Are Some Ways You Can Leverage Microsoft Forms?

Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

Web-based surveys can increase response rates from customers, as they can complete the survey on any device with ease. Instant results provide insights into your business’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Employee Security Awareness Quiz

Forms can be integrated into your cybersecurity awareness training, providing an average response time per person.

Change Readiness Survey

Improve user readiness for change adoption by creating and distributing change readiness surveys to relevant groups using Forms

Event Registrations

Hosting an event? Easily gather registration details by sending out a Forms link via QR code, social media, text, or email.

Volunteer Registration Form

Embed a Microsoft Forms registration form on your website to sign up volunteers. The platform automatically collates information about different skills and talents, helping you better match people to your requirements.

And More

Explore additional ideas in the Forms templates, such as:

  • Competitive analysis study
  • Post-event feedback survey
  • Office facility request form
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Product pricing survey
  • Food catering request form
  • Save the date form
  • Course enrollment form

Would You Like to Get More Out of Microsoft 365?

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