IT Security for Business

Small businesses, often lacking the practices and technical precautions that are taken within much larger enterprises, are at risk the most of being hit by a cyber-attack. It is no longer a luxury, but a necessity to take steps in defence against the ever-growing threat posed by cybercriminals.

Your valuable data, regulatory compliance obligations and ultimately your livelihood are all at risk.

Taking action to protect your vulnerabilities from attack does not need be a costly exercise. At Cache4 IT, we support businesses across Cumbria, Northern England and Southern Scotland overcome their challenges and achieve peace of mind, from our home in Carlisle.

By addressing the required technical defences and best practice methodology, combined with education and support, we can help you achieve comfort in the knowledge you’re as protected as you can be too.

Cyber and IT Security for home and business in Carlisle, Cumbria - Cache4 IT Solutions

The pillars of cyber security

To achieve comprehensive security for your IT and data there are a number of key pillars that you must have in place. These need not be costly to implement, there are often low-cost solutions or even no cost practices to employ to level-up your defence against cyber threats.

Network Defences

From safeguarding your network permitter with the right firewall, to endpoint protection for your computers and laptops; having correctly configured technical defences in place will restrict attackers from breaching your network.


As email plays such a vital role in day-to-day business communications, even with filtering, we’re all vulnerable to inadvertently opening and clicking on the wrong thing. Known as ‘Phishing’ attacks, emails with embedded malicious links and deceptive messages are getting ever more sophisticated. Their goal by design is to trick and lure the recipient into acting on their deceptive message, and if you unknowingly act, the results can be devastating. The last defence against such a cyber-attack is the “human firewall” – only with awareness and education will your team spot and filter-out potential threats.

Best Practices

Employing best practice policies for how your staff use your IT, how passwords are set and how file access permissions are managed; all have an impact from the ground-up in ensuring it is made as difficult as possible for cyber-criminals to breach your systems.

IT Security needn’t be complicated or expensive

At Cache4, we’re all about making things like cyber security simple and affordable for everyone – so please get in touch. Call in, give us a call on 01228 812614 or drop us an email.