Move to VoIP phone systems for great features as well as cost savings in Carlisle and Cumbria

You’ll have heard of Skype and you may have had sales calls about shifting your traditional line-based phone system on to the cloud. Whether you’re up on the latest VoIP phone systems or have no clue what’s involved, we can help.

  • WiFi-based calls
  • Big cost savings
  • Clear support and advice as you make the change to a cloud-based VoIP phone system
VoIP Provider in Carlisle, Cumbria - Cache4 IT Solutions
The benefits of VoIP from Cache4 IT Solutions in Carlisle, Cumbria

Translating the jargon to understand the benefits

VoIP has slipped into common use when talking about the next generation of home and business phone systems. It stands for Voice over Internet Protocols so, for once, it’s an acronym that actually tells you what it’s all about!

As broadband speeds and band widths have improved, it’s become easier and easier to stream voices (as well as games, music and TV) over the internet. And using the internet on a single line instead of multiple business telephone lines for your communications is really cost effective.

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Benefits of VoIP for Carlisle businesses

There are lots of other benefits and features for businesses of all sizes from cloud-based solutions that include VoIP telephone systems:

  • Cheaper conference calls
  • Patching to mobile devices and lots of choice on devices and hardware
  • Call waiting notifications
  • Links into your email systems
  • Reporting and call management tools for measurement
  • And lots more

We’ve worked with a number of hosted VoIP phone systems here in Carlisle and across Cumbria and we’ve even known customers link it all into their CCTV and site security systems via cloud storage.

Things are changing fast, the potential is there for you and your business to save a lot of money and add features. 

At Cache4, we’d love to help you find out more and get going.

VoIP systems in Cumbria

In a county that’s struggling for traditional phone line infrastructure – some rural exchanges have almost run out of lines – a move to VoIP systems and the cloud makes a lot of sense. Internet connections are improving, call costs can be reduced and the benefits for businesses, even small businesses, are massive.

So what’s holding you back?

  • Do you want the reassurance of keeping your existing phone numbers? That can be done.
  • Do you want to run everything in parallel with a traditional phone system line for now? That’s not a problem.
  • Do you want to understand what’s involved in changing and what you need to make it work? Then give Cache4 IT Solutions a call.

We’re enthusiastic about what hosted VoIP phone systems can bring to Carlisle and Cumbria and we’re keen to see local businesses making the most of these opportunities.

Saving money and getting set up for the future of communications is what it’s all about.

Let us help with your telephony requirements

If you‘re considering your VoIP options, talk to Cache4 IT first - local advice, help on call and an understanding of what you’re trying to do, now and in future. Call in, give us a call on 01228 812614 or drop us an email.