Microsoft 365 Online for UK Businesses

Keeping IT simple and affordable for businesses usually means making the most of a monthly subscription to a standard software package. A new flexible, cloud based approach to Microsoft 365 subscriptions for business combines the best office apps and offers great value for all scales of business.

Cache4 can help you to make the most of it

At Cache4 IT Solutions, we offer straightforward and affordable options that work and we’ll take care of your IT, wherever you’re based across the UK, so you can focus on business. We already support clients from London to Northern Ireland and Scotland from our base in the North West.

The 365 Business version of office is designed to make running your business as easy as possible and we can provide pricing plans and subscriptions you can share with colleagues. This helps meet your business needs more effectively than a Microsoft 365 personal subscription, as larger companies can make use of a Microsoft teams setup. The flexibility of Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage allows you to anticipate your business growth more cost effectively than a one time purchase of Office 2019 (the current version at time of writing).

Microsoft Office 365 Online for UK Businesses
Microsoft Office 365 Online for Businesses in the UK

Invest in the best level of subscription for your business, today and in the future

Whatever the scale of your organisation, Microsoft 365 Business will work for you! The flexible subscription plans and mobile apps make it a sensible choice for small businesses as well as much bigger enterprises. Microsoft 365 has rapidly established itself as the business standard.

You can choose to pay for your subscription on a monthly or annual basis and we’re happy to advise on the options available. The fact that the software runs in Windows PC or Mac environments is an added bonus when trying to coordinate across large organisations or dispersed digital workflows involving several freelance individuals.

Office 365 Security in the UK from Cache4 IT Solutions

Security and reassurance for your business

Making the most of Microsoft 365 Business enables you to keep your data – and your customers’ data – safe and secure. Working with Cache4 to implement Microsoft 365 Business means you can have all the benefits of what this industry-standard package can offer.

We pride ourselves on taking data protection seriously and clients are often surprised by what’s possible within Microsoft 365 Business:

  • Email security and automatic back-ups as standard
  • Built in regulatory compliance to meet your duty of care
  • Password creation and protection with text messaging as an additional layer of security.

If that sounds like the sort of system that you need, please get in touch – we’ve worked with clients across the UK to make the most of Microsoft 365 Business features that just need a bit of expertise to implement.

Affordable Office 365 Online for UK Businesses

Supported Microsoft 365 solutions

We’ve got to know the ins and outs, the strengths and opportunities of Microsoft 365 Business. We know how much it can add to business efficiency, effectiveness, cost management and security. And we’re keen to make sure that our clients and customers understand how to make the best use of things like cloud storage and services, mobile computing and the whole range of Office applications. We've even created a dedicated space in our premises where we can run training courses for your new system.

Microsoft 365 Online

Talk to us today about how Microsoft 365 Business could transform your business and the way you work – and keep things simple and affordable too. Give us a call on 01228 812614 or drop us an email.