Behind The Hack Part Two - The Fake Login

We asked a certified hacker to break into a computer​ - ​Watch what happens next

You get to see the hack from both sides. As the ethical hacker and how it unfolds on the victims computer.

In todays digital age the biggest risk to your business is a cyber criminal breaking into your IT systems. They want to steal your data, hold you to ransom or sell on the dark web.

What you're about to see is rarely captured on video…

In part two our ethical hacker uses a fake login portal to get you to give away your login details.

How can employees make safer everyday security decisions?

Understanding The user has to recognise that they are in a situation where security is potentially at stake. Without recognising this, the user may not even realise that they are making a decision at all through their inaction.

Empowerment The user has to know what the correct course of action is. This doesn't necessarily require the them to completely understand the threat, but often is as simple as reporting the situation to a person in the IT or security department who can look into it.

Education The user must know why security matters, so they understand the importance of not ignoring security procedures and are aware of the potential implications of a breach.

Eliminating pain avoidance - Issues such as weak password security and failure to patch software persist in organisations across the world, despite many computer users understanding why these issues are critical to security. The reason that action is not taken despite knowledge is due to what we refer to as pain avoidance. Having a unique and strong password requires more time to create, and more effort to remember, than a short, weak, or reused password. Despite a user knowing better, this 'pain' caused by creating a strong password is often strong enough to make the user go against their best judgment. This is compounded by the fact that, despite many users taking the correct action under optimal circumstances, busy and urgent work situations, as well as stress, can make security measures feel even more 'painful' to users

These are the threats to worry about
Cache4 Newsletter - July 2021

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Thursday, 05 August 2021

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